Geneal Pursuits
The Key to Your Family History Mystery

Your first stop
when looking for Lake County, Ohio ancestors, people or records

Specializing in Lake County, Ohio historical documents, repositories, and history, Geneal Pursuits’ principal and Certified Genealogist SM, Cynthia Turk’s expertise will aid in your discovery of:

  • Documents related to your ancestors who lived in Lake County
  • Individuals who are heirs for estates (with formal wills or intestate)
  • Appropriate research repositories

For those with a deeper interest in researching in Lake County, Geneal Pursuits also specializes in:

  • Planning research trips to Lake County and the region for individuals or groups
  • Providing coaching or research assistance services for individuals
  • Coaching you on how to plan your own research trip

For genealogy societies wishing to take a research trip, Geneal Pursuits can provide:

  • Trip planning for your group to genealogy or history research repositories
  • Transportation, lodging, and repository reservations
  • A bus escort for your trip to take care of details