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Specializing in Lake County, Ohio historical documents, repositories, and history, Geneal Pursuits’ principal and Certified Genealogist®, Cynthia Turk’s expertise will aid in your discovery of:

  • Documents related to your ancestors who lived in Lake County
  • Individuals who are heirs for estates (with formal wills or intestate)
  • Appropriate research repositories

Because Ohio tends to be a transient state, briefly populated with ancestors on their way west, for instance, the research often involves other states.  This is no problem, but if serious expertise or personal visits in another area is required, referrals can be made.

For those with a deeper interest in researching in Lake County or elsewhere, Geneal Pursuits also specializes in:

  • Providing coaching or research assistance services for individuals
  • Coaching you on how to plan your own research trip
  • Mentoring you doing your own US genealogy