Genealogy Research Options

Choose the services you need:

  • If you know what you need, we can help with a simple document retrieval from NE Ohio with citation.
  • Are you feeling stuck in your research?  We can send you research ideas to answer a question.  This  low-cost option is a jump starter if you like to “do it yourself.”
  • Analysis of your research documents and research plan gives you the advantage of “fresh eyes” and new ways of looking at your documents and their hidden details.
  • Do you just have a family history question and want a genealogist to research it for you?  Analysis of your documents, plan, research, analysis of findings, and a report including documents and future research suggestions may be for you.
  • Estate executors or administrators, attorneys, or other professionals may need forensic genealogy — family history with legal implications.  This includes  research, analysis, and plan followed by full report and legal affidavit or court testimony, if necessary, for heir search, next of kin, missing persons, real estate, etc.  This can be a cost-effective option because Geneal Pursuits has experience in this sort of research.  Certification from the Board for Certification of Genealogists® is a standard recognized by other professional genealogists and the courts. Geneal Pursuits will only work on an hourly basis, not on contingency or outcome based fees as this would cloud expert testimony (champerty).

Whatever your choice or level of research need, E-mail to learn more and begin answering your genealogical questions.

If requested, you can print the Contract2022 to send.

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