Washington D.C. Research Trip 2015

A special five day trip to the DAR Library, National Archives, and Library of Congress began on Monday August 17, 2005 with 36 travelers.  A stop at Shanksville, PA 9/11 Memorial was a highlight.  Tours of each of the research facilities were arranged.  Research progressed and many did better than they had expected.

DC2015group with driverA

Geneal Pursuits Washington Trip 2015 at DAR
36 travelers, Cynthia Turk, left; driver, Denise in center

The camaraderie of the group added to the enjoyment of the bus trip and the hotel time.  There were people around to share those “Genealogy Two-Step” moments.

Some participant comments

If you want research guides four weeks prior to your trip, travel with other genealogists, visit our national capital, and experience it as a tourist and a researcher, then join Geneal Pursuits on their trips. Suggestion to tour DAR period rooms, an opportunity to see quilts, doll houses, and even a chapel.  Nettie

The trip was well organized.  I liked the provisions made so that we could go to whatever library we were interested in. Anne

Thank you for a great trip.  You gave us every opportunity to use the repositories of our choice.  You “treated” us and made this such a fun trip.  What a great group of people!  Again thank you for all of your efforts.  Faith

Depending on [home circumstances] I would go again with you leading.  Paul

You did a wonderful job of taking [care] of us and making sure we got all the information we needed to allow us to have a successful research trip. Kathy H.

Tour leader and driver — great Job.  Anon.

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